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Use this Xpert glass measuring gauge to measure the thickness of glass sealed Units without removing the glass
Measures double glazed units with out the need to remove the glass
Robust and yet lightweight, this easy to handle simple to read tool is perfect for measuring double glazed units in place 

You no longer have to remove the units to find out what thickness is required, just measure in place and the only time you need to remove it is when you need to put the new unit in, so no more double deglazing! 

This nifty tool has a metal cast body, so no twisting or flexing when measuring. It can measure from 0 to 105mm, so should cover most units that you come across. This glass gauge comes with it's own hard formed, two latch, foamed lined protective case; this is not just a handy tool but would make a great gift too. 


• External Dimensions: 239mm in length x 190mm width 
• Distance of measuring gap 114mm 

Measures double glazed units 'in situ'
Imperial and Metric easy to read scale
Measures from 0 - 105mm; Measuring depth of 155mm
Metal cast body
Complete with sturdy, foam lined carry case


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Xpert Double Glazing Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge

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Xpert Double Glazing Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge