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Premium euro cylinder snapper bar.

Allows you to snap a cylinder lock - oval or Euro - with a minimum 2-3mm overhang
- Comes with interchangeable heads
- Constructed of stainless steel
- Durable

Sometimes your client is pushed for time or simply doesn’t mind if the lock is destroyed in the process of defeating it and this option is ultimately one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it. A step up from the Budget Cylinder Snapper Bar, the Premium option from TradeLocks also comes with interchangeable heads that allow snapping of both Oval and Euro Cylinder Locks. This particular domestic lock tool is an absolute must if you are earning your money as a locksmith as it's so regularly used.

The ultimate goal of the Premium Cylinder Snapper Bar is to help locksmiths save money and time as with other snapper bars once the head is damaged from use or age they must replace the whole tool. As this particular domestic locksmith tool allows you to interchange the heads and replace them when they are no longer able to grip the lock property you will not have to simply throw out the whole tool but only replace them when the head with a new one. We work closely with professional locksmiths to overcome issues they are faced with on a daily basis and develop tools that are catered to them and help make their job much easier, faster and more profitable as investing in a head for the snapper bar is less expensive than buying a new lock tool altogether.

One of the great features of the Premium Cylinder Snapper Bar is that unlike other options on the market it actually allows you to snap a cylinder lock, oval or Euro type, with a minimum of 2-3mm overhang. Generally this is impossible with most other snapper bars offered on the market. Constructed entirely of stainless steel it offers years of use and durability to withstand not only being applied to door locks but being tumbled in your work vehicle in-between job


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Premium Euro Cylinder Snapper Bar

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