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Mirror Adhesives And Fixings

 Easy to apply, silicone based,  Xtragrip mirror adhesive  fixes directly on surfaces including, tiles, wood, concrete and metal. This mirror adhesive is designed to be used on traditional foil backed mirrors and must not be used on mirrors with a safety backed film.
We also stock Soudal and Hodgsons mirror fixing sealants

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Fast Curing Mirror Adhesive Xtragrip MS Polymer
BO 5730006
In stock
£3.49 ex. VAT
Fast Curing Mirror Adhesive
Soudal Soudaseal Mirror Adhesive
In stock
£6.58 ex. VAT
Bohle Xtragrip Mirror Adhesive  Silicone Sealant
In stock
£3.49 ex. VAT
Wurth Mirror Adhesive
In stock
£7.66 ex. VAT
Xtragrip Mirror Adhesive Silicone Trade Box Of 12
In stock
£40.90 ex. VAT
Professional Silicone Based Mirror Adhesive Box Of 12
Bohle Glass Cleaner With Foaming Action 660ml Can
In stock
(based on 3 reviews)
£3.13 ex. VAT
Bohle glass cleaner gives a smear and streak free finish. 660ml spray can
Soudal 150 Primer Xtraprime For Xtragrip Mirror Adhesive
BO 6002006
In stock
£24.58 ex. VAT
Improves Adhesive Capacity Of Xtragrip Mirror Adhesive