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A Great Quality Caulk For Decorators, Hodgsons Aquacaulk Decorators Caulk Is Good For Sealing Around Frames And Skirting Boards.
310ml Tube
Aquacaulk is a high performance emulsion acrylic sealant based on the latest developments in acrylic elastomer technology. It has been specially formulated for sealing around window frames, skirtings, architraves and general small gap filling. Used extensively by contractors over many years, it offers a degree of flexibility whilst still retaining the ability to be easily overcoated with conventional paints. Although primarily used internally, it has good external performance when applied in suitable conditions.


Interior sealing around windows, door frames, skirting boards, architraves, dado rails and general small gap filling. Aquacaulk is flexible, provides 12.5% movement accommodation and can be easily over-painted. For both internal and external use in suitable conditions.

Easy to apply and finish
Contains a high level of fungicide for long term decorative appearance
Quick drying – forms a skin within 15 minutes internally

Application temperature range: +5°C to +30°C Curing rate: Full cure 3 – 5 days depending on thickness, ambient temperature and humidity. Lower temperatures and drier conditions will result in a slower rate of cure. Shelf life: 12 months. Do not store below 5°C (avoid frost) Skinning time: Skin forms after approximately 15 – 60 mins dependent on thickness, ambient temperature and humidity. Working time: Approximately 5 minutes.


Joint design: Please consult the Technical Information Sheet entitled ‘Joint design for cartridge based products’ prior to application.

Surface preparation: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from frost, grease and loose materials. Apply primer if required. In situations where an especially neat finish is required, use masking tape to cover the face edges of the joint and remove immediately once tooling has been completed Cut the top of the screw thread off the cartridge and screw on the nozzle. Cut nozzle to correct diameter for joint size. Apply using a skeleton or powered gun into the joint ensuring good contact with surfaces.

Tooling: Tool immediately after sealant has been applied within the working time for the product



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Hodgsons Aquacaulk Decorators Caulk

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Hodgsons Decorators Caulk