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Glazing Tools

Suppliers of glazing tools & window installation tools at great trade prices, View our large range which includes glazing shovels for the adjusting of glass units, glazing hammers with soft faces to avoid damage to the plastic, window bead removal tools to remove upvc window beading with ease and without damage, glass handling tools and lifters for the safe lifting of sealed double glazed units as well as everyday hand & power tools. From leading brands including Bohle, Veribor glass handling tools & Draper hand tools.


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Draper Expert Screwdriver Set 8 Piece
In stock
£24.16 ex. VAT
Original Lowe Gasket Mitre Shears 3804
In stock
£25.83 ex. VAT
Original Lowe Gasket Mitre Shears
Bohle Glazing Shovel Glazing Tool For Positioning Glass
BO 5165301
In stock
(based on 1 reviews)
£5.33 ex. VAT
Bohle Glazing Shovel Used To Adjust Double Glazing
Draper Pound Through Screwdriver Set
In stock
£27.16 ex. VAT
Draper Nylon Glazing Hammer Soft Faced
In stock
£17.49 ex. VAT
Draper Glazing Mallet Soft Faced.
Draper Solid Forged Claw Hammer
In stock
£14.99 ex. VAT
450g Claw Hammer
Bohle Glazing Spatula  BO 5165200
BO 5165200
In stock
£12.74 ex. VAT
Heavy Duty Window Bead Removal Tool
Bohle Premium Glaziers Knife Window De Glazing Tool
In stock
£13.24 ex. VAT
A Popular Glazing Tool
Bohle Wooden Glazing Shovel Environmentally Friendly
BO 5165000
In stock
£3.96 ex. VAT
Wooden Glazing Shovel To Toe And Heal Double Glazing
Draper 32mm Window Bead Removal Tool / Chisel Knife
In stock
£2.74 ex. VAT
Our most popular glazing bead removal tool, the favourite of window fitters
Draper Wood Chisel Set
In stock
£15.24 ex. VAT
Halder Simplex Glazing Mallet / Hammer
BO 5105118
In stock
£23.33 ex. VAT
Professional Glaziers Simplex Glazing Mallet
Martor Premium Glass Scraper
BO 5141000
In stock
£7.83 ex. VAT
Merlin Toughened Glass Detectors TGI
BO 5164600
Out of stock
£137.49 ex. VAT
Toughened Glass Detection Tool
Original Lowe 3104 UPVC Mitre Shears
In stock
£25.83 ex. VAT
UPVC Trim Shears.
Palu Silicone Sealant Smoothing Tool
BO 5166303
In stock
£7.49 ex. VAT
Best Selling Sealant Smoothing Tool
Silberschnitt 5000 Oil Fed Glass Cutter
BO 5000.0
In stock
£20.83 ex. VAT
Professional Oil Fed Glass Cutter
Window Fitters Tool Kit, 18 Piece Glazing Tools
In stock
£208.33 ex. VAT
We Bring You A Glazing Tool Kit With All The Essentials
Draper Demolition Wrecking Knife
In stock
£12.49 ex. VAT
Locksmiths Air Wedge 270mm x 130mm
In stock
£4.58 ex. VAT
Stabilo Glass Marking Pencils Various Colours
BO 60ACX11
In stock
£1.66 ex. VAT
Threaded Rivet Insert Tool Nutset Tool
In stock
£12.74 ex. VAT
Window & Door Air Wedge 190mm x 110mm
In stock
£4.38 ex. VAT