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Glazing PPE

Stay Safe With Our Range Of Glazing PPE And Work Wear.
Reduce Accidents Due To Cuts With Our Range Of Cut Resistant Gloves And Glaziers Gauntlets 

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Draper Cut Resistant Glove, Level 5
In stock
£6.91 ex. VAT
Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves
Bohle Wrist Protector Gauntlets, Glazier PPE
BO 6002327
In stock
£6.91 ex. VAT
Bohle Cut Level 5 Wrist Protectors.
Draper Cut Resistant Wrist Protector Sleeve
In stock
£4.58 ex. VAT
Kevlar Wrist Protection, Stop Cuts To Wrists And Arms
Leather Work Apron
In stock
£15.41 ex. VAT
High Quality Leather Apron
CAT 17400 Latex Palm Glove
In stock
£6.66 ex. VAT
Stylish Hand Protection From CAT
Bohle Traditional Leather Gauntlet
BO 6002326
In stock
£16.66 ex. VAT
Protect Your Wrist And Arms.
Ladder Stand Off
In stock
£31.13 ex. VAT
Wurth Liquid Glove Barrier Cream
In stock
£17.99 ex. VAT