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The euro cylinder snapping tool is very high quality and has been designed for Oval Profile and Euro Profile Cylinders. This particular snapper bar is effective on any type of cylinder which protrudes more than 6mm from the door handle. Nowadays, most Euro cylinders do not overhang the door handle by more than 3mm, which means that we limit the use of the Budget Snapper Bar to snapping Euro cylinders once the door handles are removed
The use of snapper bars by professional locksmiths around the world is still common and they're certainly one of the fastest ways to overcome a lock! In addition to the snapper bars we also offer replacement heads which make your investment all the more worth it.

Being prepared with a variety of lock tools is essential and this particular tool is a quality snapper bar which will always stay in your vehicle. Snapping cylinder locks is common and sometimes one of the only ways to conquer a lock tool such as this is key. Though it is the budget version of our Premium Snapper Bar it's a great choice as it was made to be both durable and effective. With removable and replaceable heads you can simply purchase a replacement pack rather than have to throw away the entire tool and purchase a new one, thus saving you a lot of money in the long run. The two head types available are for Oval and Euro Cylinders. The Budget Snapper Bar also features two sides so you can easily work with two different types of locks with just one tool.


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Euro Cylinder Snapping Tool

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