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Chris Belcher professional lock snapping tool.

Suitable for snapping all Euro Profile Cylinder Locks and High Security Cylinders

- Made out of steel - very strong

- Small in size - easy to carry around

The mere name Chris Belcher is more than enough to describe the quality and effectiveness of the CB Super Snapper Bar from TradeLocks. It's by far one of the best examples of a beautifully designed lock tool that combines effectiveness, ease of use and overall worth every penny. This fantastic domestic locksmith tool is very easy to take with you on every job and aimed at by-passing the High Security Cylinders.

This fantastic tool is an absolute must if you regularly work with cylinder locks and are looking for not only an effective tool but a tool that can withstand the regular use. The CB Super Snapper Bar requires very little effort and time to conquer any lock and gain access through a door through destructive entry. Suitable for snapping all Euro Profile Cylinder Locks and High Security Cylinders this snapper bar can actually defeat just about every anti-snap feature that modern cylinder locks have today on all the major brands that were tested.

This Chris Belcher super snapper bar has been redesigned and not only is it made out of steel, which makes it very strong, but it also has a very narrow face, which allows it to fit most doors to get past the anti-snap.

The CB Super Snapper Bar can easily be carried with the rest of your domestic locksmith tools as it doesn't take up too much space, at a mere 25mm in diameter and 190mm in length. Overcoming cylinder locks with features such as anti-grip pins and sacrificial cuts this little snapper bar is a must have.

Not only is it effective, but 100% effective with all major cylinder lock brands tested and with most of them only a single hand was required to get the job done. Do remember however that this Snapper Bar does require that you take the door handle off to reveal the full cylinder length. The CB Super snapper Bar is not designed to grab overhanging cylinder locks


Chris Belcher
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Chris Belcher Lock Snapping Tool

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